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WITH TopQuestions AS (
    SELECT TOP(300) Id, ViewCount, Title, Body, Score, CreationDate, Tags, AnswerCount, CommentCount, FavoriteCount
    FROM Posts
    WHERE PostTypeId = 1
    ORDER BY ViewCount DESC, Score DESC
), RankedAnswers AS (
        Posts.ParentId AS QuestionId,
        ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY Posts.ParentId ORDER BY Posts.Score DESC, Posts.CreationDate DESC) AS AnswerRank
    FROM Posts
    WHERE PostTypeId = 2 AND Posts.ParentId IN (SELECT Id FROM TopQuestions)
SELECT q.Id AS QuestionId, q.ViewCount, q.Title, q.Body AS QuestionBody, q.Score AS QuestionScore, q.CreationDate AS QuestionDate, q.Tags, q.AnswerCount, q.CommentCount, q.FavoriteCount, 
       a.Id AS AnswerId, a.Body AS AnswerBody, a.Score AS AnswerScore, a.CreationDate AS AnswerDate
FROM TopQuestions q
JOIN RankedAnswers a ON q.Id = a.QuestionId
WHERE a.AnswerRank <= 5
ORDER BY q.ViewCount DESC, q.Score DESC, a.AnswerRank;

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