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-- '%Y %M %D %H:%i:%s'
-- from_unixtime(d.CreationDate, '%Y %M') as [M]
-- DATE_FORMAT(d.CreationDate, '%d/%m/%Y') as M,  

SELECT date1, count(id) as cnt

    convert(varchar(10), d.CreationDate, 001) as [date1],
    (d.Id) as id
  FROM Posts d  -- d=duplicate
    LEFT JOIN PostHistory ph ON ph.PostId = d.Id
    LEFT JOIN PostLinks pl ON pl.PostId = d.Id
    LEFT JOIN Posts o ON o.Id = pl.RelatedPostId  -- o=original
    d.PostTypeId = 1  -- 1=Question
    AND pl.LinkTypeId = 3  -- 3=duplicate
    AND ph.PostHistoryTypeId = 10  -- 10=Post Closed
  ) as t1
group by date1
order by date1

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