List of questions on P.SE with score 0<score<10 and with two tags! (finally works!)


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I read too many tutorials for this tbh Update 6:58pm UTC: Is not working right now, trying to get questions tagged with logical-deduction and those with grid-deduction Update: Thank you Jordan from Stack Overflow :)

Earth Science

Q&A for those interested in the geology, meteorology, oceanography, and environmental sciences

SELECT p.Title, p.Id, p.Score, p.ViewCount, u.DisplayName, p.Tags
FROM Posts p
JOIN Users u ON p.OwnerUserId = u.Id
INNER JOIN PostTags pt ON p.Id=pt.PostId
INNER JOIN Tags t ON = pt.TagId
INNER JOIN PostTags pt1 ON p.Id=pt1.PostId
INNER JOIN Tags t1 ON t1.Id = pt1.TagId
WHERE p.PostTypeId=1
And (t.TagName=##tagName:string?logical-deduction##)
And p.Score <=10
And p.Score >=0
And p.AcceptedAnswerId is null
OR (t1.TagName=##tagName1:string?grid-deduction##)
And p.Score <=10
And p.Score >=0
And p.AcceptedAnswerId is null

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