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-- How close am I to the Sportsmanship Badge
-- Posts that allow you to get the sportsmanship badge by voting on them.  
-- This gives you an idea if you can even get this badge.  
-- It is not possible to show your progress toward the badge because 
-- the data is cleansed of any upvote information tied to a userId.  
-- This gives you a list of answers you can upvote (if you like them). 
-- If there is not 100 items in this list, you can't get the badge.

WITH CandidatePosts AS (
select ParentId postId
   posts p
   p.OwnerUserId = ##UserId##
  and p.postTypeId = 2
  and p.score >= 0
select as [Post Link], p1.ownerUserId as [User Link], body
from posts p1
join CandidatePosts cp on cp.postId = p1.parentId
where p1.ownerUserId <> ##UserId##
and p1.Score > 1
order by p1.Score DESC

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