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Gives the percentage of accepted answers for a user, per tag.


Q&A for those who study, teach, research and apply economics and econometrics

DECLARE @UserId int = ##UserId##

  count(*) AS NumAnswers,
  sum(case when q.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id then 1 else 0 end) AS NumAccepted,
  (sum(case when q.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id then 1 else 0 end)*100.0/count(*)) AS AcceptedPercent
FROM Posts a
INNER JOIN Users u ON u.Id = a.OwnerUserId
INNER JOIN Posts q ON a.ParentId = q.Id
INNER JOIN PostTags pt ON pt.PostId = q.Id
INNER JOIN Tags t ON t.Id = pt.TagId
  (q.OwnerUserId <> u.Id OR q.OwnerUserId IS NULL)   --no self answers
  and = @UserId
GROUP BY t.TagName
ORDER BY NumAnswers DESC, AcceptedPercent DESC

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