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select p.Score, ph.CreationDate [Migrated], ph.PostId [Post Link], cr.Name "Closed as"
from PostHistory ph
join Posts p on p.Id=ph.PostId
left join PostHistory cph on cph.PostId=ph.PostId and cph.CreationDate=p.ClosedDate and cph.PostHistoryTypeId=10
left join CloseReasonTypes cr on cr.Id=cph.Comment
where ph.PostHistoryTypeId=36
and p.PostTypeId=1
and ph.Comment like 'from http://english.stackexchange.com/%'
and ph.CreationDate > convert(datetime,'09/22/2015 00:00:00.000')
and p.Score <= ##MaximumScore?50##
and p.Score >= ##MinimumScore?-50##
order by score

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