Seek and Destroy: Questions with probably unnecessary late answers


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A query to help look for questions getting pointless necro-answers--lots of existing answers, not closed or locked, and low-score answers added months later. Most of this list probably warrants protecting and/or closing.


Q&A for those using, extending or developing Emacs

select as [Post Link], q.score as [Question Score], q.answercount as [Total Answers],
  q.creationDate as [Question Asked], max(a.creationdate) as [Last Answer Posted]
from posts a
  inner join posts q on a.parentid =
  inner join users u on a.owneruserid =
  left outer join (
    select * from posthistory ph 
    where ph.posthistorytypeid = 14
  ) locks on locks.postid =
where datediff(month, q.creationdate, a.creationdate) > 6 -- very late answers
  and a.score < 2                                         -- that probably weren't great
  and q.closeddate is null                                -- on still-open questions
  and q.answercount > 25                                  -- with too many answers already
  and u.reputation < 10000                                -- pretend 10k users know better
  and is null                                    -- ignore locked questions
group by, q.score, q.answercount, q.creationdate

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