How many questions are reopened after being closed and edited?


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Q&A for those using, extending or developing Emacs

WITH closed_and_edited AS (
SELECT c.PostId, MIN(e.CreationDate) AS EditDate
  FROM PostHistory AS c
  INNER JOIN PostHistory AS e
    ON c.PostId = e.PostId
   AND c.PostHistoryTypeId = 10 -- Post Closed
   AND e.PostHistoryTypeId = 5 -- Edit Body
   AND c.CreationDate < e.CreationDate
  GROUP BY c.PostId
SELECT COUNT(*), COUNT(oa.PostId), ROUND(COUNT(oa.PostId) * 100.0 / COUNT(*), 2)
  FROM closed_and_edited AS q
    SELECT PostId
      FROM PostHistory
      WHERE PostId = q.PostId
        AND PostHistoryTypeId = 11 -- Post Reopened
        AND CreationDate >= q.EditDate
  ) oa

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