SELECT u.DisplayName, u.WebsiteUrl, u.Reputation, u.Creat...


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Q&A for those using, extending or developing Emacs

SELECT u.DisplayName, u.WebsiteUrl, u.Reputation, u.CreationDate as UserRegisterDate, u.LastAccessDate, u.Location, u.AboutMe, u.Views, u.Upvotes, u.DownVotes, u.ProfileImageUrl, u.EmailHash, u.AccountId, a.OwnerUserId, a.Id, a.Score, a.ViewCount, a.Body, a.CommentCount, a.FavoriteCount, a.ParentId, a.CreationDate, q.AcceptedAnswerId, q.Score AS ScoreQuestion, q.AnswerCount
FROM Users u
INNER JOIN Posts a ON u.Id = a.OwnerUserId
LEFT JOIN Posts q ON a.ParentId = q.Id
LEFT JOIN Votes v ON a.Id = v.PostId
WHERE (u.CreationDate >= '2022-04-01' AND u.CreationDate < '2022-05-01' AND a.PostTypeId = 2 AND v.VoteTypeId = 2)

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