poor attempt at trying to find a q/a page that will have a large payload


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Q&A for professionals and students of engineering

;with TopAnswers as 
  select parentid 
       , len(body) size
       , row_number() over (partition by parentid order by score desc) rownum
  from posts
  where posttypeid = 2 -- A
  and score > 5

select top 10 
       q.id [Post Link] 
       , len(q.body) + sum(a.size) total_size
from posts q
inner join TopAnswers a on a.parentid = q.id
where q.score > 100
and q.answercount > 2
and a.rownum < 21
group by q.id, q.body
order by len(q.body) + sum(a.size) desc

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