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Sometimes the person who asks a question doesn't accept the highest voted answer - maybe they have a different opinion, maybe they haven't noticed the new answer? This finds out which worthy contributions have been snubbed by the OP by accepted a lower-rated answer. Top 100 answers that earn a super-majority (>67%) of the total votes for a question's answers, and earned a minimum score of 5, but lost out to another answer for acceptance.


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select top 100 UnluckyAnswer.OwnerUserId as [User Link], Question.Id as [Post Link], UnluckyAnswer.Score as [Ignored Score]
from Posts as UnluckyAnswer, Posts as Question
	Question.Id = UnluckyAnswer.ParentId
	and Question.PostTypeId = 1
	and Question.AcceptedAnswerId is not NULL
	and Question.AcceptedAnswerId != UnluckyAnswer.Id
	and Question.AnswerCount >= 2
	and UnluckyAnswer.Score >= 5
	and UnluckyAnswer.Score > (
	    select 0.67 * SUM(AllAnswers.score)
		from Posts as AllAnswers
		where Question.Id = AllAnswers.ParentId
order by UnluckyAnswer.Score desc

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