Retrieve all questions that are marked as duplicated, with additional information.


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  questions.Id AS QuestionId,
  questions.Title AS QuestionTitle,
  questions.Body AS QuestionBody,
  questions.Score AS QuestionScore,
  questions.AcceptedAnswerId AS AcceptedAnswer,
  accepted.Score AS AcceptedAnswerScore,
  answers.Id AS MostVotedAnswer,
  answers.Score AS MostVotedAnswerScore,
  -- History text example: {"OriginalQuestionIds":[1234],"Voters":[{"Id":5678,"DisplayName":"Foo Bar"}]}
  SUBSTRING(history.Text, CHARINDEX('[', history.Text) + 1, CHARINDEX(']', history.Text) - CHARINDEX('[', history.Text) - 1) AS DuplicateQuestions,
  LEN(history.Text) - LEN(REPLACE(history.Text, '"Id"', '###')) AS DuplicateQuestionsVotes
  Posts questions
  LEFT JOIN Posts accepted ON accepted.Id = questions.AcceptedAnswerId
  LEFT JOIN Posts answers ON answers.ParentId = questions.Id
  LEFT JOIN PostHistory history ON history.PostId = questions.Id
  ( -- It must me marked as duplicated
    history.Id IN (
      SELECT TOP 1
      FROM PostHistory h
      WHERE (
        ( -- Is history of the correct question
          h.PostId = questions.Id
        ) AND ( -- Is Closed
          h.PostHistoryTypeId = 10
        ) AND ( -- Is duplicated
          h.Text LIKE '{"OriginalQuestionIds":%'
      ORDER BY h.Id DESC
  ) AND ( -- The answer retrieved must be the most voted answer
      answers.Id IS NULL
    ) OR (
      answers.Id IN (
        SELECT TOP 1
        FROM Posts p
        WHERE ( -- Is answer of the correct question
          p.ParentId = questions.Id
        ORDER BY p.Score DESC, p.Id DESC

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