Anonymous Vote Counts and Adjusted Post Scores


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Pulls all votes by anonymous users and users without the respective voting privilege and aggregates them by post voted on. Displays Total Hidden Votes made on the given post, the Net Score of those hidden votes, the Public Score of the post, and the Adjusted Score of the post (the public score + the hidden score). Includes deleted posts; posts with less than 100 hidden votes aren't shown by default.

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  CASE WHEN p.DeletionDate IS NOT NULL THEN 'X' ELSE '' END AS [Del?],
  CONCAT('site://q/', pf.PostId, '|', CASE
    WHEN p.Title IS NOT NULL 
    THEN CONCAT('Q: ', p.Title)
      WHEN parent.Title IS NOT NULL
      THEN parent.Title
      ELSE '[Parent Q Deleted]'
  END) AS [Link],
  COUNT(*) AS [Total Hidden Votes .],
  SUM(CASE WHEN pf.VoteTypeId = 2
    THEN 1
    ELSE -1
  END) AS [Net Hidden Score],
  p.Score AS [Public Score],
  p.Score + SUM(CASE WHEN pf.VoteTypeId = 2
    THEN 1
    ELSE -1
  END) AS [Total Adjusted Score]
FROM PostFeedback pf
JOIN PostsWithDeleted p ON p.Id = pf.PostId
LEFT JOIN PostsWithDeleted parent ON parent.Id = p.ParentId
GROUP BY pf.PostId, p.ParentId, p.Title, parent.Title, p.PostTypeId, p.DeletionDate, parent.Id, p.Score
HAVING COUNT(*) >= ##VoteCount:int?100##

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