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Select Distinct 
  Case p.AcceptedAnswerId-a.Id 
    When 0 Then 'Accepted' 
    Else '' 
    End as Accepted,
   p.Title, p.Tags, 
   CONCAT('', p.Id, '#answer-', a.Id) as Link
From Posts a 
   Inner Join Posts p On a.ParentId = p.Id 
   Inner Join PostTags pt on p.Id = Pt.PostId
   Inner Join Tags t on pt.TagId = t.Id
WHERE a.CreationDate > Convert(datetime, '2021-01-01' )
  AND p.PostTypeId = 1
  And (t.TagName LIKE 'open-telemetry%')
  --And a.CreationDate >= DATEADD(Day, -14, Getdate())  -- Last two weeks answers 
Order by a.CreationDate desc

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