WITH top_posts AS ( SELECT [p].[Id] ,[p].[OwnerUserId] ,[...


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WITH top_posts AS (
  SELECT [p].[Id]
        ,ROW_NUMBER() OVER (
            PARTITION BY [p].[OwnerUserId]
            ORDER BY [p].[ViewCount] DESC) AS rn
    FROM [Posts] AS [p]  
   WHERE CAST([p].[CreationDate] AS date) >= DATEADD(m,-3,GETDATE())
     AND [p].[ViewCount] >= 1 

 SELECT [u].[DisplayName]
   FROM [top_posts] AS p
   JOIN [Users] AS u
     ON [u].[Id] = [p].[OwnerUserId]
  WHERE [p].[rn] <= 3

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