select top 1000 p.Id as [Post Link],p.Title,p.Tags,p.bod...


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Esperanto Language

Q&A for teachers and students of the Esperanto language

--Querying Posts that contain "architecture" term 
-- and Comments with contain "useful" or "helpful"

select top 1000 p.Id as [Post Link],p.Title,p.Tags,p.body, p.Score as "Questions Score",
a.Score AS "Answer Accepted Score" ,c.Id as [Comment Link],c.Text
from Posts p
JOIN Posts a ON p.AcceptedAnswerId = a.Id
JOIN Comments c ON p.Id = c.PostId
where (p.body like '%architect%' or p.Title like '%architect%')
(c.Text like '%useful%' or c.Text like '%helpful%')  and p.AnswerCount <>0

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