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Gardening and Landscaping

Q&A for gardeners and landscapers

select top 10 concat('site://review/suggested-edits/',,'| review') [Review Link]
     , rt.suggestededitid
     , se.PostId
     , se.rejectiondate
     , rt.creationdate [Review Created]
     , [ReasonId]
     , rrr.Name [Reason]
     , se.Text
     , se.Comment
from suggestededits se
inner join reviewtasks rt on rt.suggestededitid =
inner join reviewtaskResults rtr on = rt.CompletedByReviewTaskId
left outer join ReviewRejectionReasons rrr on = rtr.RejectionReasonId
where rtr.RejectionReasonId=102 and
rejectiondate between ##start:string?2021-01-01##
                    and ##endt:string?2021-06-01##
order by, se.rejectiondate

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