Self-duplicates: stub has answer, target does not (list of stub Qs)


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Questions with answers which are duplicates from other questions with no answers, and both questions are asked by the same OP. In such cases, it would be better to reverse the relationship between stub/source and master/target.


Q&A for cartographers, geographers and GIS professionals

WITH stub_list AS
        p.OwnerUserId, -- OP from source (stub)
        pl.RelatedPostId -- Post Destination (master)
 FROM Posts p
 JOIN PostLinks pl ON pl.PostId = p.Id
 WHERE p.PostTypeId = 1 -- questions.
       AND EXISTS 
        SELECT *
        FROM PostHistory ph
        WHERE ph.PostId = p.Id
        AND ph.PostHistoryTypeId IN (10) -- Post Closed (duplicate)     
      AND pl.LinkTypeId = 3 -- duplicate.
      AND p.AnswerCount > 0
SELECT s.Id AS [Post Link],
FROM stub_list s
JOIN Posts p ON p.Id = s.RelatedPostId
WHERE s.OwnerUserid = p.OwnerUserId -- OP from source (stub) = OP from destination (master)
      AND p.AnswerCount = 0 -- target Q has no answers (while stub has).
ORDER BY s.Score ASC; -- low qualities first

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