Old questions that can be deleted with a downvote


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Questions older than a year that you can mark for deletion by simply downvoting them. The rules are detailed here: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/92006. The view count rules are relaxed to 2x the question age because those might fail to keep up a steady stream of views at some point in the future.


Q&A for cartographers, geographers and GIS professionals

DECLARE @DataDumpDate AS datetime
SELECT  @DataDumpDate = MAX(CreationDate)
FROM    PostHistory

       Id                                                                AS [Post Link],
       CASE WHEN ClosedDate         IS NOT NULL THEN 'Yes' ELSE NULL END AS Closed,
       CASE WHEN CommunityOwnedDate IS NOT NULL THEN 'Yes' ELSE NULL END AS Wiki,
       OwnerUserId                                                       AS [User Link]
FROM   Posts
WHERE  PostTypeId = 1
       AND (Score = 1 OR (Score = 2 AND OwnerUserId IS NULL))
       AND (AnswerCount = 0 OR AnswerCount IS NULL)
       AND (CommentCount IS NULL OR CommentCount <= 1)
       AND DATEDIFF(day, CreationDate, @DataDumpDate) > 365
       AND ViewCount <= (DATEDIFF(day, CreationDate, @DataDumpDate) * 2) -- * 1.5)
ORDER  BY Score ASC, CreationDate ASC

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