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Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

select concat('', pl.PostId) as dups, 
 concat('', RelatedPostId) as Q,
 q.Title as questionTitle,
 q1.Title as DupsQuestionTitle,
 case when q.ClosedDate is not null then '*' else '' end as Closed

from PostLinks as pl
 join Posts q on q.Id= RelatedPostId
 join Posts q1 on q1.Id = PostId
 join PostTags p on p.PostId=q.Id
 join Tags t on

where LinkTypeId=3 
and (t.TagName like '%python%' and not t.TagName like '%python-2to3%') 
and (lower(q1.Title) LIKE 'how%') 
and (lower(q.Title) LIKE 'how%') 
group by pl.PostId, RelatedPostId, q.ClosedDate, q.Title, q1.Title
order by count(*) desc

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