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Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

declare @userID int = ##userID##;

select   a.Score
       , a.ParentId
       , a.CreationDate
       , q.Title
  from Posts a
       inner join Posts q on q.Id = a.ParentId
 where a.PostTypeId = 2
   and a.OwnerUserID = @userID
   and a.CommunityOwnedDate is null
   and a.Score > 0
   and a.OwnerUserID != q.OwnerUserID
   and exists (select 1
                 from PostHistory qh
                where qh.PostId = q.Id
                  and qh.UserId = @userID
                  and abs(datediff(minute, qh.CreationDate, a.CreationDate)) <= (12*60) 
 order by a.CreationDate desc;

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