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Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

-- top answers on CV
SELECT MAX(score) [Max Score], count( [Good Answers], 
       (select count(*) from posts p2 
       where p2.posttypeid=2 and p2.owneruserid = [Total Answers],
      'site://users/' + CAST(u.Id AS nvarchar)
                      + '?tab=answers&sort=votes|' 
                      + u.displayname  cv_user,
       u.Age, u.Location, u.WebsiteURL,
FROM users u, posts p
WHERE = p.owneruserid
AND p.posttypeid = 2  -- answers only
AND p.score >= ##scoreThreshhold?25##
AND p.parentid NOT IN 
(1337 -- jokes
,726  -- quotes
,423  -- cartoons
,5115 -- statisticians
GROUP BY reputation, u.displayname,
       u.age, u.location, u.websiteurl, u.lastaccessdate,
ORDER BY count( desc, max(score) desc

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