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Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

-- This query shows the most frequent tags used together with
-- the entered tag
-- the tag in question is always the first one (for obvious reasons)

DECLARE @TagName VARCHAR(255) = ##TagName:string##

Select TagId, TagName, TagCount FROM
Select Top(20) TagId, Count(TagId) As TagCount FROM
Select TagId FROM
Select Distinct PostId As PostId from PostTags 
Where TagId=(Select Id FROM Tags Where TagName=@TagName)
) PostsWithTag
Join PostTags AllPostTags On PostsWithTag.PostId=AllPostTags.PostId
) TagsUsed Group By TagId Order By TagCount Desc
) TagsOrdered Left Join Tags On Tags.Id=TagsOrdered.TagId 
Order By TagCount DESC

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