Level of Effort


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Returns the number of characters entered to achieve each reputation point.

Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

select top 25
    u.Id as [User Link],
    min(u.Reputation) as Reputation,
    sum(len(p.Body)) as TotalLength,
    count(*) as TotalPosts,
    avg(len(p.Body)) as AvgPostLength,
    (cast(sum(len(p.Body)) as float) / cast(min(u.Reputation) as float)) as PostLengthPerReputation
    Posts p
    inner join Users u ON u.Id = p.OwnerUserId
    p.PostTypeId = 2
    and u.Reputation > 1000
group by
    u.Id, u.DisplayName
order by
    PostLengthPerReputation desc

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