Percentage of open questions with answers, by quarter


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Number of open questions, percentage that have at least one answer, and the percentage that have at least one *good* answer (Score > 0). Question scores are ignored.

Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

with quarters as (
        DATEPART(yyyy, Question.CreationDate) as Year,
        DATEPART(q, Question.CreationDate) as Quarter,
        COUNT(*) as Total,
        SUM(CASE when Question.AnswerCount > 0 then 1 else 0 END) as Answered,
        SUM(CASE when Answer.Id is not null then 1 else 0 end) as GoodAnswer
    FROM Posts as Question
    LEFT JOIN Posts as Answer on Answer.PostTypeId=2 and Answer.ParentId=Question.Id and Answer.Score > 0
    WHERE Question.PostTypeId=1 AND Question.ClosedDate is null
    GROUP BY DATEPART(yyyy, Question.CreationDate),DATEPART(q, Question.CreationDate)

    Total as Questions,
    CAST(convert(numeric(5,2), cast(Answered as float) * 100 / Total) as VARCHAR(10)) + '%' as [Answered],
    CAST(convert(numeric(5,2), cast(GoodAnswer as float) * 100 / Total) as VARCHAR(10)) + '%' as [GoodAnswer]
from quarters
order by Year, Quarter

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