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Sums up the bounty amounts users have given. Also ranks them based on their total bounty amounts and gives a percentage of total bounty over their current rep as well as total bounty over their supposed rep if they weren't rep-capped.

Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

    Displays Bounty givers ranked on their overall bounty amounts. 
      Also includes their:
       - Current Rep, 
       - Total Rep (if they hadn't been rep-capped, see
       - Bounty amount total
       - Number of bounties
       - % of their current rep given in bounties
      Note: Excludes the "Community' user as that's applied to abandoned users
        who have offered bounty.

  RANK() OVER(ORDER BY SUM(Votes.BountyAmount) DESC) AS Rank,
  Users.Id AS [User Link],
  Users.Reputation AS [Current Rep],
    SELECT SUM(Case When VoteTypeID = 1 Then 15 WHEN (VoteTypeID=2 AND p.PostTypeID=2) THEN 10 WHEN (VoteTypeID=2 AND p.PostTypeID=1) THEN 5 WHEN VoteTypeID=3 THEN -2 ELSE 0 END)
    FROM Votes v
    INNER JOIN Posts p ON p.ID = v.PostID
    WHERE p.OwnerUserID = Users.Id AND p.CommunityOwnedDate IS NULL
  ) AS [Total Rep],
  SUM(Votes.BountyAmount) AS [Bounty Amount],
  COUNT(Votes.BountyAmount) AS [Bounties],
  '~' + CAST(CAST(CAST(SUM(Votes.BountyAmount) AS Decimal) / CAST(Users.Reputation AS Decimal) * 100.00 AS Decimal) AS varchar(MAX)) + '%' AS [% Current Rep]
FROM Votes
    ON Votes.UserId = Users.Id
WHERE Votes.BountyAmount IS NOT NULL
  AND Users.Id <> -1 -- Exclude the 'Community' user 
GROUP BY Users.Id,
ORDER BY SUM(Votes.BountyAmount) DESC;

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