Popular Languages for Ethereum


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In this query I try to know wich language is most popular for machine learning in Stack Overflow by searching the amount of question of some mayor languages wich already have the tag "machine-learning"

Amateur Radio

Q&A for amateur radio enthusiasts

SELECT year(p.CreationDate) +
       (month(p.CreationDate)-1) /12. yr_month, 
       count(*) questions
FROM Posts p, PostTags pt, Tags t
AND p.id = pt.PostId
AND t.id = pt.TagId
AND t.tagName in ('ethereum', 'solidity')
AND year(p.CreationDate) >= year(getdate()) - 3 
GROUP BY year(p.CreationDate), month(p.CreationDate), tagname
order by year(p.CreationDate), month(p.CreationDate)

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