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Biblical Hermeneutics

Q&A for professors, theologians, and those interested in exegetical analysis of biblical texts

-- finds Q's with an accepted,
-- where UVs on Q > UVs on A
-- gives difference in tallies above stated threshold
-- ** Last "and" filters out Accepted answers with score over set threshold,
--    so remove to see all cases, or adjust threshold:
--       : higher n includes more answers;
--       : lower n excludes more answers.

-- aScoreThreshold: Set whole number (+/-) value to filter accepted answer score, higher numbers give more results.
-- Thanks PV :)

SELECT DISTINCT TOP 300 Q.Id as [Post Link],
  Q.Score as qScore,
  A.Score as aScore,
  Q.Score - A.Score as scoreDiff

FROM Posts Q, Posts A, Posts OA 

WHERE A.ParentId = Q.Id
  AND A.Id = Q.AcceptedAnswerId
  AND A.Score < Q.Score
  and Q.Score - A.Score >= ##diffThreshold##

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