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Hinduism Meta

Q&A about the site for followers of the Hindu religion and those interested in learning more about Hinduism

-- LinkType: Link type "linked (1) or duplicate (3)"
WITH ClosedQuestionIds AS (
  SELECT DISTINCT PostId, RelatedPostId, CreationDate AS LinkDate, LinkTypeId
  FROM PostLinks
  WHERE LinkTypeId=##LinkType:int?1## --- linked (1) or duplicate (3)
  AND YEAR(CreationDate)=##Year:int##

SELECT TOP(25) q.*, dq.Title as "Title", dq.Body as "Body", rq.Title as "Related Title", rq.Body as "Related Body"
FROM ClosedQuestionIds as q
JOIN Posts as dq on dq.Id = q.PostId
JOIN Posts as rq on rq.Id = q.RelatedPostId
ORDER BY NEWID() --- random order

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