Tampere C++


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Q&A for historians and history buffs

WITH OnTopicPosts AS (
  SELECT Posts.Id, Posts.OwnerUserId, Tags.Tagname FROM Posts
    INNER JOIN PostTags ON PostTags.PostId = Posts.Id
    INNER JOIN Tags ON Tags.Id = PostTags.TagId
    WHERE Tags.Tagname IN ('image-processing', 'signal-processing')

ParticipatingUsers AS (
    SELECT OnTopicPosts.Tagname, OnTopicPosts.OwnerUserId AS Id FROM OnTopicPosts
    SELECT OnTopicPosts.Tagname, Comments.UserId AS Id FROM Comments
      INNER JOIN OnTopicPosts ON Comments.PostId = OnTopicPosts.Id
    SELECT OnTopicPosts.Tagname, Votes.UserId AS Id FROM Votes
      INNER JOIN OnTopicPosts ON Votes.PostId = OnTopicPosts.Id

LocalUsers AS (
  SELECT Users.Id, COUNT(*) AS postcount FROM ParticipatingUsers
    INNER JOIN Users ON ParticipatingUsers.Id = Users.Id
      LOWER(Users.Location) LIKE '%tampere%' OR LOWER(Users.Location) LIKE '%helsinki%' OR LOWER(Users.Location) LIKE '%finland%'
    GROUP BY Users.Id
SELECT LocalUsers.postcount, 'https://stackoverflow.com/users/' + CAST(Users.Id AS VARCHAR(100)), Users.DisplayName, Users.WebsiteUrl, Users.Location, Users.UpVotes, Users.DownVotes
  FROM LocalUsers INNER JOIN Users ON LocalUsers.Id = Users.Id;

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