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History of Science and Math

Q&A for people interested in the history and origins of science and mathematics

  CAST(v.CreationDate AS date),
  COUNT(v.Id) AS [Count]
FROM Votes v INNER JOIN Posts p ON v.PostId=p.Id
WHERE (p.Id=##id?23478##) and (v.VoteTypeId=##type?2##)
GROUP BY CAST(v.CreationDate AS date)
ORDER BY CAST(v.CreationDate AS date)

---1 = AcceptedByOriginator
---2 = UpMod (AKA upvote)
---3 = DownMod (AKA downvote)
---4 = Offensive
---5 = Favorite (AKA bookmark; UserId will also be populated)
---6 = Close (effective 2013-06-25: Close votes are only stored in table: PostHistory)
---7 = Reopen
---8 = BountyStart (UserId and BountyAmount will also be populated)
---9 = BountyClose (BountyAmount will also be populated)
---10 = Deletion
---11 = Undeletion
---12 = Spam
---15 = ModeratorReview (i.e., a moderator looking at a flagged post)
---16 = ApproveEditSuggestion

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