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See the suggested edits where the decision went in the same direction as my vote, but there was an opposing vote. Note that this query only makes sense on Stack Overflow, which requires two concurring votes to approve or reject a suggested edit. See also for the suggested edits where my vote did not carry the decision.

History of Science and Math

Q&A for people interested in the history and origins of science and mathematics

  s.PostId AS [Post Link],
  'site://suggested-edits/' + Cast(s.Id AS VarChar(20)) AS [Suggested Edit],
  CASE v0.VoteTypeId WHEN 2 THEN 'approved' ELSE 'rejected' END AS [Direction],
  s.CreationDate AS [Date]
FROM SuggestedEditVotes v0, SuggestedEditVotes v1, SuggestedEditVotes v2,
     SuggestedEdits s
WHERE v0.UserId = ##User##
  AND v0.SuggestedEditId = s.Id
  AND v1.SuggestedEditId = s.Id
  AND v2.SuggestedEditId = s.Id
  AND v0.VoteTypeId = v1.VoteTypeId
  AND v0.Id <> v1.Id
  AND v0.VoteTypeId <> v2.VoteTypeId

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