Code fences with lost text on the first line (doesn't work)


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Interpersonal Skills

Q&A for people looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills

--text after a code fence opening will be lost

WITH LatestBodyRevision (PostId, PostHistoryId) AS (
     SELECT p.Id, ph.Id AS PostHistoryId
     FROM Posts p
     INNER JOIN PostHistory ph ON ph.PostId = p.Id
     WHERE ph.PostHistoryTypeId IN (2,5,8) 
           SELECT * FROM PostHistory phtwo
           WHERE phtwo.PostHistoryTypeId IN (2,5,8) AND 
                 phtwo.PostId = p.Id AND 
                 phtwo.CreationDate > ph.CreationDate

SELECT lbr.PostId AS [Post Link], 
       Score AS [Score], 
       ViewCount AS [Views], 
       LastActivityDate AS [Last Active],
       ph.Text AS [Text]
FROM LatestBodyRevision lbr 
INNER JOIN PostHistory ph ON lbr.PostHistoryId = ph.Id
INNER JOIN Posts p ON lbr.PostId = p.Id
WHERE ph.Text LIKE '%```%'
ORDER BY p.CreationDate ASC

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