SELECT p1.Id, p1.CreationDate, p2.Id, p2.CreationDate, ((...


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Interpersonal Skills

Q&A for people looking to improve their interpersonal communication skills

SELECT p1.Id, p1.CreationDate, 
       p2.Id, p2.CreationDate, 
       ((DATEDIFF(year, p1.CreationDate, p2.CreationDate)*31536000) +
       (DATEDIFF(month, p1.CreationDate, p2.CreationDate)*2629746) +
       (DATEDIFF(day, p1.CreationDate, p2.CreationDate)*86400) +
       (DATEDIFF(hour, p1.CreationDate, p2.CreationDate)*3600) +
       (DATEDIFF(minute, p1.CreationDate, p2.CreationDate)*60) +
       DATEDIFF(second, p1.CreationDate, p2.CreationDate)) as calculatedDiff
FROM Posts p1
JOIN Posts p2
  on p1.AcceptedAnswerId = p2.Id
WHERE Year(p1.CreationDate) = '2017' 
and p1.AcceptedAnswerId is not null
order by calculatedDiff ASC

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