Gini Coefficient - Reputation Inequality


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Calculate the Gini Coefficient (Also known as the Gini Index) for inequality. -- THIS IS CURRENTLY AN ERRONEOUS CALCULATION, DON'T RELY ON IT! --

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DECLARE @numUsers int

SELECT @numUsers = COUNT(*) FROM Users

DECLARE @totalRep float

SELECT @totalRep = SUM(Users.Reputation) FROM Users

DECLARE @giniNominator float

SELECT @giniNominator = SUM( (@numUsers + 1 - CAST(Users.Id as Float)) * CAST(Users.Reputation as Float)) FROM Users

DECLARE @giniCalc float

SELECT @giniCalc = (@numUsers + 1 - 2*(@giniNominator / @totalRep)) / @numUsers

SELECT @giniCalc

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