Citizenship score based on certain badges and reputation


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With prelim As 
   Select u.Id As Username, 
      floor(10+0.5*u.Reputation/1000-0.5*abs(u.Reputation/1000-20)) As CappedRep, 
      Count(distinct b.Name) As BadgeCount, 
      u.LastAccessDate As LastAccess 
   From Users u
   Inner Join Badges b On b.UserId = u.Id
   Where u.Reputation >= 1000 and 
     b.Name in (
         'Civic Duty', 
         'Copy Editor',
         'Strunk & White',
         'Tag Editor',
  Group By u.Id, u.Reputation, u.LastAccessDate
Select Username as [User Link], CappedRep+BadgeCount as Total, CappedRep, BadgeCount, LastAccess 
From prelim 
Order By Total desc

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