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Internet of Things Meta

Q&A about the site for builders and users of networked sensors and control devices in the contexts of smart homes, industry automation, or environmental sensors

select row_number() over (order by max(H.Score) desc) as [#]
  , H.OwnerUserId as [User Link], max(H.Score) as HIndex
from (
  select S.OwnerUserId, S.Score
    , sum(S.NumAnswers)
      over (partition by S.OwnerUserId order by S.Score desc rows unbounded preceding)
      as NumAnswersCumul
  from (
    select P.OwnerUserId, P.Score, count(*) as NumAnswers
    from Posts P
    where P.PostTypeId = 2
        and P.Score >= 4
        and P.OwnerUserId is not null
    group by P.OwnerUserId, P.Score
    ) S
  ) H
where H.NumAnswersCumul >= H.Score and H.score = 4
group by H.OwnerUserId
order by HIndex desc

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