Questions per month, 8 functional languages compared


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How many questions per month does each functional language tag get?



select *, count(*) from
  select CAST(
      cast(DATEPART(YYYY, CreationDate) as varchar) + '-' + 
      cast(DATEPART(MM, CreationDate) as varchar) + '-01'
    as date) Month, 
  from Posts p 
  join PostTags pt on pt.PostId = p.Id
  join Tags t on t.Id = pt.TagId
  where t.TagName in ('haskell', 'clojure',
  'lisp', 'scheme', 'erlang',
  -- 'caml',
  'ocaml', 'f#')
) as X
where month between cast('2010-02-01' as date) and cast('2012-02-01' as date)
group by TagName, Month
order by Month asc, count(*) desc

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