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Q&A for Joomla! administrators, users, developers and designers

  questions.Id AS [Post Link],
  questions.Score AS 'Q score',
  MAX(answers.Score) AS 'max A score',
  COUNT(*) AS 'answer count',
  (SELECT STRING_AGG ( ISNULL(DisplayName,'N/A'), ',') AS csv 
    FROM Posts 
    JOIN Users ON Users.Id = Posts.OwnerUserId
    WHERE Posts.ParentId = questions.Id)
FROM Posts questions
JOIN Posts answers ON answers.ParentId = questions.Id
WHERE questions.PostTypeId = 1 -- questions
  AND answers.PostTypeId = 2 -- answers
  AND questions.AcceptedAnswerId IS NULL
  AND questions.ClosedDate IS NULL
GROUP BY questions.Id, questions.CreationDate, questions.Score
HAVING MAX(answers.Score) = 0
ORDER BY questions.CreationDate DESC

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