Questions and answers, usernames and dates, for R-tagged questions


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--p.ViewCount, a.Id, a.Reputation, a.DisplayName as QuestionAsker, p.CreationDate as DateAsked, p.Id, p.Title, p.AnswerCount, p.Score as QuestionScore, b.Id, b.Reputation, b.DisplayName as Answerer, answer.CreationDate as DateAnswered, answer.Score as AnswerScore, t.TagName,,a.DisplayName as QuestionAsker,a.Reputation,p.CreationDate,,p.Title,,b.DisplayName as Answerer, b.Reputation,
  WHEN ((p.AcceptedAnswerId = answer.Id)) THEN 'selected answer'
  ELSE 'attempted answer'
END as answertype
FROM Users a, Posts p, Users b, Posts answer, PostTags pt, Tags t
WHERE p.OwnerUserId = a.Id      -- or accountId?
  AND t.TagName in ('r')
  AND answer.OwnerUserId = b.Id -- or accountId
  AND p.PostTypeId = 1          -- question
  AND answer.PostTypeId = 2     -- answer
  AND Pt.PostId =
  AND t.Id = pt.TagId
  AND answer.parentid = p.Id
  AND p.CreationDate >= '2012-01-01'
  AND p.CreationDate < '2013-01-01'
ORDER by p.CreationDate asc, answertype desc;

-- For answered questions
-- give me 
--   the question
--   the selected answer
--   the non-selected answers
--   the basic ids, scores of each, and their authors
-- for the language R
-- ordered by creation date

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