Questions, answers, usernames, dates, and full text for R-tagged questions


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p.ViewCount, a.Id as AskerId, a.Reputation as AskerReputation, a.DisplayName as QuestionAsker, p.CreationDate as DateAsked, p.Id as PostId, p.Title, p.AnswerCount, p.Score as QuestionScore, t.TagName, b.Id as AnswererId, b.Reputation as AnswererReputation, b.DisplayName as Answerer, answer.CreationDate as DateAnswered, answer.Score as AnswerScore,
  WHEN ((p.AcceptedAnswerId = answer.Id)) THEN 'selected answer'
  ELSE 'attempted answer'
END as answertype,
FROM Users a, Posts p, Users b, Posts answer, PostTags pt, Tags t
WHERE p.OwnerUserId = a.Id      -- or accountId?
  AND t.TagName in ('r')
  AND answer.OwnerUserId = b.Id -- or accountId
  AND p.PostTypeId = 1          -- question
  AND answer.PostTypeId = 2     -- answer
  AND Pt.PostId =
  AND t.Id = pt.TagId
  AND answer.parentid = p.Id
  AND p.CreationDate >= '2017-01-01'
  AND p.CreationDate < '2017-07-01'
ORDER by p.CreationDate asc, answertype desc;

-- For answered questions
-- give me 
--   the question
--   the selected answer
--   the non-selected answers
--   the basic ids, scores of each, and their authors
-- for the language R
-- ordered by creation date

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