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WITH evalUsageRatio as (
  SELECT TagName, Count, Count / (
    SELECT CAST(COUNT(Id) AS float) FROM posts WHERE posttypeid = 1
  ) AS UsageRatio
  FROM Tags
evalCumulatedUsageRatio as (
  SELECT TagName, Count, UsageRatio, (
    SELECT SUM(UsageRatio)
    FROM evalUsageRatio
  ) AS CumulatedUsageRatio
  FROM evalUsageRatio
  GROUP BY TagName, Count, UsageRatio
evalUsagePercentage as (
  SELECT TagName, Count, (100 * UsageRatio / CumulatedUsageRatio) AS UsagePercentage
  FROM evalCumulatedUsageRatio
evalCumulativeUsagePercentage as (
  SELECT TagName, Count, UsagePercentage, SUM(UsagePercentage) OVER (ORDER BY Count desc) AS CumulativeUsagePercentage
  FROM evalUsagePercentage

SELECT TagName FROM evalCumulativeUsagePercentage
WHERE CumulativeUsagePercentage <= 75
ORDER BY Count desc

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