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  Post.Id as [Post Link],
  Post.Body as [Question],
  APost.Body as [Answer],
  PostTypes.Name as [Type],
  Post.OwnerUserId as [User Link],
  Post.Score as [Post Score],
  APost.Score as [APost Score],
  Post.CreationDate as [Post Creation Date],
  APost.CreationDate as [APost Creation Date],
  coalesce(Post.Tags, Parent.Tags) as [Tags]
from Posts as Post INNER JOIN Posts APost ON Post.AcceptedAnswerId = APost.Id
join PostTypes on Post.PostTypeId = PostTypes.Id
left join Posts as Parent on Post.ParentId = Parent.Id
  (Post.Body like '%<code>%')
  Or (Post.Body like '%<c#>%')
  Or (Post.Body like '%<python>%')
  Or (Post.Body like '%<javascript>%')
  Or (Post.Body like '%<c++>%')
  Or (Post.Body like '%<java>%')
  And (Post.PostTypeId = 1)
  And (APost.PostTypeId = 2)
  And (Post.AcceptedAnswerId > 0)

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