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    Answers AS (
        SELECT *
            FROM Posts
            WHERE PostTypeId = 2 -- Answers
SELECT TOP ##NumberOfQuestions:int##
        Questions.Id AS [Q Id],
        Questions.Score AS [Q Score],
        Questions.Viewcount AS [Q Views],
        Questions.AnswerCount AS [Q Answers],
        Questions.FavoriteCount AS [Q Favorites],
        Questions.Tags AS [Q Tags],
        Questions.CreationDate AS [Q Date],
        'site://a/' + CAST(FirstAnswer.Id AS NVARCHAR) + '|' + CAST(DATEDIFF(mi, Questions.CreationDate, FirstAnswer.CreationDate) AS NVARCHAR) AS [Minutes to First Ans],
        'site://a/' + CAST(AcceptedAnswer.Id AS NVARCHAR) + '|' + CAST(DATEDIFF(mi, Questions.CreationDate, AcceptedAnswer.CreationDate) AS NVARCHAR) AS [Minutes to Accepted Ans]
    FROM Posts AS Questions
        LEFT OUTER JOIN Answers AS FirstAnswer
            ON FirstAnswer.ParentId = Questions.Id
        LEFT OUTER JOIN Answers AS AcceptedAnswer
            ON AcceptedAnswer.Id = Questions.AcceptedAnswerId
        Questions.PostTypeId = 1 -- Questions
        AND Questions.Tags like ('%animation%')
        AND year(Questions.CreationDate) between 2013 and 2017 AND month(Questions.CreationDate) = 12
        AND FirstAnswer.Id = (
            SELECT TOP 1 Id
                FROM Answers
                    Answers.ParentId = Questions.Id
                ORDER BY CreationDate ASC
        Order by Questions.Score desc

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