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SELECT TOP (100) AS question_id, 
        questions.OwnerUserId AS questioner_id,
        questions.body AS question_body, 
        questions.CreationDate AS question_creation_date, AS answer_id,
        answers.body AS answer_body,
        answers.ParentId AS parent_id,
        answers.Score AS answer_score,
        answers.OwnerUserId AS respondant_id,
        answers.CreationDate AS answer_creation_date,
        DATEDIFF(second, questions.CreationDate, answers.CreationDate) AS time_after_answer
FROM posts questions
INNER JOIN posts answers
ON = answers.ParentId
WHERE questions.CreationDate >= '2019-06-06' 
AND questions.AnswerCount = 5
ORDER BY question_id, answer_score DESC;

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