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Korean Language Meta

Q&A about the site for linguists, teachers and students of the Korean language

SELECT TOP(##num?100##)
RANK() OVER(ORDER BY DATEDIFF(minute, CreationDate, DeletionDate) DESC) AS Rank,
PostId AS [Post Link],
url = 'site://review/'+ 
+CASE ##type?2## 
   WHEN 1 THEN 'suggested-edits'
   WHEN 2 THEN 'close'
   WHEN 3 THEN 'low-quality-posts'
   WHEN 4 THEN 'first-posts'
   WHEN 5 THEN 'late-answers' 
   WHEN 6 THEN 'reopen'
+CAST(Id AS varchar),
CreationDate, DeletionDate,
DATEDIFF(month, CreationDate, DeletionDate) AS Months,
DATEDIFF(day, CreationDate, DeletionDate) AS Days
---since the table ReviewTasks contains only date, we don't get any information from checking hours/minutes
---DATEDIFF(hour, CreationDate, DeletionDate) AS Hours,
---DATEDIFF(minute, CreationDate, DeletionDate) AS Minutes
FROM ReviewTasks
WHERE (DeletionDate IS NOT NULL) AND (ReviewTaskTypeId=##type##)
---1 = Suggested Edit
---2 = Close Votes
---3 = Low Quality Posts
---4 = First Post
---5 = Late Answer
---6 = Reopen Vote
ORDER BY DATEDIFF(minute, CreationDate, DeletionDate) DESC

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