Shoot and run, newbies posting bad questions


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list of users with less than 30 rep and 4 answers, sorted by the lowest question score average

Language Learning

Q&A for students, teachers, polyglots, and anyone interested in the techniques of second-language acquisition

-- Shoot and run, newbies posting bad questions

select top 2000 OwnerUserId [User Link], 
  count(*) [Total Questions], 
  avg(Score + 0.0) [Avg Score],
  sum(case when Score < 0 then 1 else 0 end) [Negative Scored Questions]
from Posts 
join Users u on u.Id = OwnerUserId 
where ParentId is null and Reputation < 30
group by OwnerUserId, Reputation
having count(*) < 5
order by [Avg Score] asc

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