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This query returns the list of most relevant users for a given tag. The relevance of a user is calculated based on the number of answers he/she provided for a given tag.

Latin Language

Q&A for linguists, teachers, and students wanting to discuss the finer points of the Latin language

WITH tagAndUserStats AS (
                p.owneruserid       AS userid,
                SUM (p.score)       AS tagScore,
                COUNT (        AS postCount
    FROM        posts       p
    INNER JOIN  posttags    pt      ON pt.postid = COALESCE (p.parentid,
    INNER JOIN  tags        t       ON pt.tagid =
    WHERE       p.owneruserid >= 1
    AND         p.posttypeid = 2
    AND         p.CreationDate >= '##startdate##'
    AND         p.CreationDate <= '##enddate##'    
    GROUP BY    t.tagname,

SELECT * FROM tagAndUserStats
WHERE tagname LIKE '##tagname##'
ORDER BY postCount DESC, tagScore DESC

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