List of Most reputed users in a given location - Case Sensitive


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Gets a list of most reputed users from a given location.

Latin Language

Q&A for linguists, teachers, and students wanting to discuss the finer points of the Latin language

select Users.Id as [User Link], max(Users.Location) as Location, count(*)*10 as [Technology Reputation], max(Users.Reputation) as [Total Reputation]
  from Votes
  join Posts on Votes.PostId=Posts.Id
  join Users on Posts.OwnerUserId=Users.Id and Users.Id in 
  (select Users.Id from Users where lower(location) like lower('%Vienna%'))
  join Posts Questions on Posts.ParentId=Questions.Id
  where Questions.Tags like '%typescript%' or Questions.Tags like '%typescript%'
  and Users.Reputation >= 1000
  group by Users.Id
  order by [Technology Reputation] desc

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