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Number of questions that a given user has answered and edited as per the specifications of the Explainer, Refiner, and Illuminator badges.

Latin Language

Q&A for linguists, teachers, and students wanting to discuss the finer points of the Latin language

select count(*) Count
from Posts q join Posts a on a.ParentId = q.Id
where q.PostTypeId = 1 --q is question
  and q.ClosedDate is null --q is not closed
  and a.PostTypeId = 2 --a is answer
  and a.Score >= 1 --a has positive score
  and a.OwnerUserId = ##userid## --a belongs to userid
  and IsNull(q.OwnerUserId, -1) <> a.OwnerUserId --q does not belong to user
  and exists(select 1 --an edit on q by userid exists
             from PostHistory ph 
             where ph.PostHistoryTypeId in (4,5) 
               and ph.PostId = a.ParentId 
               and ph.UserId = a.OwnerUserId 
               and abs(datediff(hh, ph.CreationDate, a.CreationDate)) < 12)

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